Petition to UNESCO - Against Discrimination of Macedonian Language

Petre Stojanov


2010-11-16 21:58

We will prevail!!!
Rade Novjanovski

#2 Macedonia Forever

2010-11-16 22:13

My country is Macedonia,I`m Macedonian,my language is Macedonian !!! Nobody have a right to change that !!!


2010-11-16 22:26

Macedonia Forever !!!
Mitko Arsov

#4 Македонија / Македонци

2010-11-16 22:28

Македонија / Македонци
Тони Ристов

#5 Македонија се бори со глас

2010-11-16 22:48

Битката за нашиот јазик, идентитет, културни и цивилизациски вредности ниту од далеку не е завршена! Се лажат сите оние кои мислат дека обичното повторно впишување на македонски како јазик во графите на ООН, е победа или состојба нерешено со противниците на постоењето на Македонија. Напротив, тоа повеќе личи дека нас не третираат како расплачено детенце на кое ќе му дадеш лижавче и ќе престане да цимоли. Ние не смееме да се задоволиме со тоа дека „еве сега ни го впишаа повторно името!“. Што ако утре повторно на некого му текне да си поигра и повторно да го избрише? Повторно ли ќе цимолиме? Не! Сега треба сите Македонци по род, земја, душа да станеме, цврсто да застанеме и гласно да викнеме дека не прифаќаме некои си таму „белосветски протуви“ да си поигруваат со нашите чувства и нашата иднина. Сега Македонија се бори со глас! Со ставање потпис! Со име и презиме! За да види светот дека не има! Дека сме тука! Нивни соседи! Нивни сожители на планетава Земја! Дека сме непокорни и тврдокорни! Дека сме Македонци, кои зборуваме мајчин македонски јазик! Кои имаме пишана литература на мајчин македонски јазик! Сме превеле илјадници книги на нашиот мајчин македонски јазик! Дека децата ни учат мајчин македонски јазик и дека и нивните деца ќе учат македонски јазик од нив наследен и научен!
Нека запеат повторно горите македонски нови песни нови весници: Македонија, македонски јазик, македонско писмо, македонски народ, македонска култура!
Стани и дај го својот глас! За себе! За коските на твоите предци! За иднината на твоите деца!
Dejan RIstik

#6 Dipl.Ing Dejan Ristik

2010-11-16 23:29

Повикувам сите пријатели да ја потпишете електронската петиција со


Dear all,

Every, Language of all people, and any nationality is a part of recognize. Those elements is an achievement and deserve resection!
Goran Stojanov

#7 makedonija na makedoncite

2010-11-16 23:52

Macedonia forever
Marina Mijakovska

#8 Macedonian language

2010-11-17 00:02

The most important identificators of national identity are: the language and the name.
The name of our country is Macedonia.
Our language is MACEDONIAN
Snezana Sotiroska


2010-11-17 00:09

I was born in Macedonia 1959year.I am speaking on my maternal language - macedonian. I respect the people in the world and their orientation, but I want to be respected from the other people,too.
Maria Stella Marmdahl


2010-11-17 00:52

Macedonia forever <3
Nikolche Jakimovski

#11 Macedonian language!!!

2010-11-17 01:14

No one have the right to erase the macedonian language from graph.
Leon Dzingo

#12 Why you are doing this?

2010-11-17 01:41

My country name is Macedonia,
My language is Macedonian,
People are Macedonian.

Tomislav Karanfilovski

#13 Macedonian

2010-11-17 01:43

Believe me cosmopolitan world that the existance of macedonian language and culture has invaluable importance for you, becouse I reflect my human cosmos to your through it, and every step that is dangerous for me is also so much dangerous for you.
Therefore, I propose to protect each other by respecting our the most important values such as identity principles.

"Oh My God, why did you humiliate yourself so much to annual me" macedonian poet – Blaze Koneski
Rade Stankovski


2010-11-17 01:54

Dokolku go negirate Makedonskiot jazik ,togags gi negirate i jazicite na site slovenski narodi. Me zacuduva kako i ostanatite narodi koi osnovata za nivnata pismenos ja imaat zemeno od ovie prostori ne reagiraat. Zarem malce nemozat da svatat deka vakva glupos i niv moze da im se desi.A od druga strana gi cestvuvaat denovite na MAKEDONSKITEprosvetiteli, tolku brgu ja zaboravaat nivnata maka i nivniot pat sto go izodile ucitelite i nivnite ucenici do nivnite kraista. Neka im sluzi na ces. Kakva dvolicnos pozdrav


2010-11-17 01:55

Vlade Eftimov


2010-11-17 02:10

I am Macedonian... I speak Macedonian, like my father, like my grand-grand-grand-fathers did... My country name is Macedonia... So, stop supporting Greek nationalism, stop fyromising Us!!!


2010-11-17 02:12


#18 translation Macedonian-English (google translate)

2010-11-17 02:55

Petition to UNESCO - Against erasing Macedonian Language

Dear Ms. BOKOVA, Director General of UNESCO,

We, the undersigned, citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and Macedonians, and other pravdoljubivi people from all parts of the world, we are appealing the requirement to prevent discrimination that is made of the Macedonian nation and Macedonian language.

We urge you as the highest institution responsible for the care and protection of culture and heritage in the world. We expect to engage in ispravanjeto the injustice which for years has been applied to the Macedonian people and to provide permanent protection of the Macedonian language and cultural identity as part of world cultural heritage.

Already last twenty years the Macedonian international hell! Republic of Macedonia as a country is locked into the process of joining NATO and the EU as its strategic benchmarks, but also in normal communication with the world. As you probably know, it prozleze opposition from Greece, which challenge the use of the word Macedonia for our country, and in further negotiations and all the adjectives for people, language and everything else associated with it.

Macedonia joined the United Nations amid fearsome pressure and blackmail its existence, under the reference ˝ Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the ˝ 1993, by Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations under br.47/225, which was extremely controversial ˝ and politicized agreement ˝, as stated in the official electronic publication of UNTERM - Multilingvalnata file terminology of the United Nations.

Macedonians living in Macedonia, but those from the diaspora, are exposed to constant denial, humiliation and discrimination regarding fundamental human right to self-nurturing and preserving their cultural identity.

The immediate reason for the petition was re-extinction of the Macedonian language column in the electronic edition of the official UNTERM because, as stated by them, administrative officer of a mistake? The error is now corrected, but again under the Nationality standing broad description derived from the reference, instead of the word Macedonian ˝ ˝.

Collecting signatures in support of the petition started on the International Day for Tolerance, November 16, 2010, the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, and in other cities of the country, as well as electronically. Initiator of the petition is home, as a civil, Green Party of which the principle of nondiscrimination is one of the fundamental.

We wonder:
How long will all this take? By the time a clerk in the UN or elsewhere, you can delete, rename obezimenuva Macedonian nation, Macedonian language and Macedonian identity when he emerges from the right of self-identification?
Is the pivot of international law protects everyone equally, or have double standards - one for stronger, others weaker for? What remains then of justice as the highest ideal?
What about all the conventions, declarations and resolutions that carry the UN to preserve human rights and cultural heritage, and against discrimination of every individual and group on any basis?
Why is UNESCO, as the highest organization for the protection of culture and cultural heritage, where each language is defined as a spiritual heritage? So then why was 2008 so declared the Year of languages, not missing smaller languages, because they would have disappeared and some of the world cultural heritage? Is vain and Macedonians took part in the celebration through the Year of Macedonian language?

Dear Ms. BOKOVA, we believe that the principle of nondiscrimination is the basis of the existence of the organization headed by you. Therefore, we appeal to you personally to occupy the Macedonian language and cultural identity and to stop the injustice that is inflicted on a peaceful people!

Remain with respect.

vlado ivanoski

#19 Macedonia can not be called differently

2010-11-17 03:12

“We are small country, but our hearts are big und yes, we need to be recognized as a destination that should not be passed by, but enjoyed in”
lidija dodevska


2010-11-17 03:47

samoto postavuvawe na pra[aweto za imeto inegovata promena samo po sebe e gazewe na kulturata i dostoinstvoto na eden narod


2010-11-17 04:47

se gordeam sto sum makedonec se gordeam sto zboruvam na makedonski jazik ne se gordeam sto na sekoj mozen nacin me ponizuvaat mi go brisat ili mi go iceznuvaat moeto vekovno makedonsko ime mojot vekoven makedonski jazik ne se gordeam sto toa go pravi najvisokata inctitucija za covekovi prava obedinetite nacii ili navidum se institucii za pravda na malite narodi,no greska ste kolku sto sme mali kako sto nekoi drzavi mislat nie sme golemi po duh i po nikoja cena nema da dozvolime da isceznime za da im prestavuva na nekogo radost sto uspeal navidum da izvrzi genocid vo 21 vek

#22 Re: Macedonia can not be called differently

2010-11-17 05:37

Zlatko Gjorgjioski

#23 Petition to UNESCO - Against erasing Macedonian Language

2010-11-17 09:09

Language is one of the almost things which one nation recognize other people like another cos in all cultures languages doing differents people from other. UNESCO PLEEASE don't erase our MACEDONIAN language from the world language list cos we're egzisting, our language egzist - OUR MACEDONIAN NATION egzist. We're not greeks, bulgarians or serbs - SIMPLY WE'RE MACEDONIANS!
jon trenoski

#24 makedonski identitet

2010-11-17 09:31

Samo sploteni ]e go za{titime na{iot identitet, jazik i kulturno nasledstvo, toa se poka~a i v~era koga celiot dr`aven vrv za prv pat vo makedonskata istorija zaedni~ki se borea da go vratat makedonskiot jazik vo grafata na formularot na ON, i uspeaa. ^estitki do celiot dr`aven vrv. Ka`eteim na va{ite prijateli za ovaa peticija neka ne ima vo {to pogolem broj. Македонија, македонски јазик, македонско писмо, македонски народ, македонска култура! Makedonija od sekoga{. i za sekoga{. Стани и дај го својот глас! За себе! За коските на твоите предци! За иднината на твоите деца! ЗА МАКЕДОНИЈА!
Jon Trenoski


2010-11-17 09:34

I am Macedonian... I speak Macedonian, like my father, like my grand-grand-grand-fathers did... My country name is Macedonia...
Se gordeam sto sum makedonec se gordeam sto zboruvam na makedonski jazik

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